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Freeway Truck Repair is a state of the art truck repair shop providing Delta, BC with top-rated heavy-duty truck repair and tire services. Our diesel mechanics have the experience and expertise to handle any basic to complex truck repair services you require. Looking for a truck repair and tire shop in Delta, BC? Look no further than Freeway Truck Repair!

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Freeway Truck Repair is a full-service heavy-duty repair shop operating out of British Columbia’s lower mainland. With a full roster of technicians and a large selection of repair and maintenance services, you can count on Freeway Truck to have your back at all times. We believe in providing high-quality services to all of our customers.

Our Heavy-Duty Diesel Mechanic Services

Trust the heavy-duty diesel mechanic team at Freeway Truck Repair to get your commercial vehicles fixed the right way. We offer a range of mechanic services, both in-shop and on a mobile basis, including preventive maintenance, towing, & emergency roadside assistance. Call Freeway Truck Repair & Tire Shop today for the professional truck repair services you require.

Already know what you are looking for? You can schedule an appointment for any of our various heavy-duty truck repairs that we offer at Freeway Truck Repair & Tire Shop.

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CNG Truck Inspection

Mechanic performing CNG truck inspections in Delta, BC

At Freeway Truck Repair, we understand the importance of maintaining the safety and efficiency of your Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) trucks. Our expert team, located in the heart of Delta, BC, has the latest technology and training to provide comprehensive inspection services for your CNG fleet.

Concrete Truck Repair

Mechanic performing concrete truck repairs in Delta, BC

At Freeway Truck Repair, we understand the critical role that concrete trucks play in your business operations. These vehicles are the backbone of any construction project, and their performance directly impacts your project timelines and overall productivity.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management services by The Freeway Truck Repair mechanics

Do you manage a fleet of heavy-duty trucks? Are you having trouble finding a place that manages fleet maintenance? If so, worry no more! Here at Freeway Truck Repair, we have great services designed for fleet owners and managers!

General Diesel Repair

Heavy-duty General Diesel truck repairs by The Freeway Truck Repair Mechanics

There are a lot of components that break down on heavy-duty diesel trucks. Whether you’ve damaged your windshield wipers or have a busted radiator fan, you can rely on us to get the job done. No repair is too big or too small for us here at Freeway Truck Repair.

ICBC Insurance Claims & Repairs

ICBC claim repairs in Delta, BC

At Freeway Truck Repair, we understand that dealing with insurance claims can be daunting. We offer comprehensive assistance with ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) insurance claims for trucks and fleets. ICBC is a provincial crown corporation that provides basic and optional vehicle insurance, driver licensing services, and road safety programs to residents of British Columbia. When your truck or fleet suffers damage, filing an ICBC insurance claim is the first step toward getting your vehicle back on the road. The process involves reporting the incident to ICBC, providing necessary documentation, and getting your vehicle assessed for repairs.

Mobile Truck Repair

Heavy-duty Mobile truck repairs by Freeway Truck Repair & Tire Shop in Delta, BC.

Do you need to get something repaired or serviced on your truck, but you don’t have time to bring it to our location? No worries! Here at Freeway Truck Repair, we have technicians dedicated to mobile service! We’ll come to the location of your choosing!

Preventive Maintenance

Heavy-duty Preventive Maintenance services by The Freeway Truck Repair Mechanics

Preventive maintenance is the ultimate way to lengthen the lifespan of your heavy-duty truck. By changing your oil and fluids regularly and routinely inspecting your vehicle’s most important components and systems, your truck will be on the road for years to come.

RV Repair

Diesel mechanic performing RV repairs in Delta, BC

When you need top-notch RV and mobile home repair and maintenance services in Delta, BC, there's no better place to turn than Freeway Truck Repair. Our expert team is equipped with cutting-edge tools and is highly skilled in handling various repairs and maintenance services. From minor fixes to major overhauls, your RV or mobile home is in safe hands with us.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside service by Freeway Truck Repair & Tire Shop in Delta, BC.

Have you broken down on the side of the road? Has your engine overheated? Did one of your tires go flat? Regardless of your issue, we here at Freeway Truck Repair have you covered. Call today, and we’ll dispatch a roadside assistance technician to your location.

Warranty Inspection

Warranty Inspections by Freeway Truck Repair & Tire Shop in Delta, BC

Are you looking for a way to repair your truck in the most economical way possible? Here at Freeway Truck Repair, we’ll inspect your components and provide you with a report on which one’s are still covered under warranty. That way, you can get the repair done for free right from your dealership!

Our Heavy-Duty Truck Repair Services

Our team of trusted heavy-duty diesel mechanics at Freeway Truck Repair offer top-rated solutions for your heavy-duty truck repair and maintenance needs. Our full-service truck repair shop in Delta, BC is able to handle complex diesel truck & fleet repairs, from brakes and alignments, to tire repairs and suspensions. Get in touch today to schedule your truck repairs today!

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