General Diesel Repair Services in Delta, BC

We consider ourselves to be an all-encompassing repair shop. Regardless of how complex or minor your issue is, you’ll find the services you need right here at Freeway Truck Repair. It can be easy to blow off small damage, especially when delivery schedules get super tight. However, when a bunch of small issues builds up, you may find that your truck isn’t as easy to operate or use anymore. When that happens, give us a call here at Freeway Truck Repair, and we’ll book you an appointment for general diesel repair. Our processes are super efficient, very effective, and won’t break the bank. You can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered here at Freeway Truck Repair.

Common Diesel Truck Repairs

Frame Restoration

North America’s rust belt is notorious for destroying the frames of heavy-duty trucks. The amount of salt used on public roadways in the winter is insane and is well known for its ability to punch through even the strongest of frames. Fortunately, here at Freeway Truck Repair, we have the tools and equipment required to restore even the most rusted-out frames. We’ll cut out the bad section and weld in new metal! It’s as easy as that! 

Malfunctioning Shift Motor Repair

Is it taking a long time to shift into different gears? Are you unable to shift at all? In heavy-duty trucks with automatic transmissions, your gear shifter isn’t actually directly connected to your transmission. Instead, it sends a signal to your shift motor, which in turn, changes your gears. If this shift motor is damaged or improperly greased, you’ll likely notice an issue when shifting gears. Fortunately, we here at Freeway Truck Repair have great transmission services that are sure to meet your every need. We’ll have your shift motor repaired and your transmission operating better than ever before.

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