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Modern diesel trucks have a vast array of electrical systems controlling them. Over time, some of these electrical systems may malfunction and need repair. In order to perform these repairs, our technicians here at Freeway Truck Repair will first need to run diagnostics on your heavy-duty truck. Once a proper diagnosis is reached, we’ll be able to fix the malfunctioning components and prevent the issues from happening again. At Freeway Truck Repair, we believe in providing high-quality electrical services to all of our customers. There’s nothing worse than electrical ghosts, but with our services and highly trained technicians, those ghosts will be dealt with before you know it.

Common Electrical Issues

Dead Battery

Are you having trouble starting your heavy-duty engine? If so, part of your ignition system may be malfunctioning. The most common cause of engine ignition failure is a dead battery. When your battery’s dead, there’s nothing to power each part of your ignition system, hence the failure to start. Fortunately, this is an easy fix, as a battery replacement should do the trick.

If you’re confident your battery is in good shape but still has no power, you may need to get your alternator inspected. Your alternator is responsible for charging your battery using the power from your engine. If your alternator fails, your battery gets no power, and your truck won’t start. 

Blown Fuses

Do you have a bunch of fuses that refuse to stay intact? If so, you likely have an electrical problem somewhere in your truck. Fuses are sacrificial parts, meaning they blow in order to protect components farther down the circuit. All it takes is for one component to malfunction for excess flow to enter the circuit. Here at Freeway Truck Repair, we’ll diagnose the problem and repair or replace the components in question. 

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