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Every heavy-duty vehicle on the road has a vast array of moving components that need to be lubricated and cooled. To do this, each component has dedicated fluids. Although these fluids tend to last quite a while, they do need to be replaced at regular service intervals. Over time these fluids break down and become less effective at their jobs. Coolant, for example, loses its ability to absorb radiant heat over time. Engine oil, on the other hand, gradually loses its ability to lubricate moving components. Here at Freeway Truck Repair, we’ll change out your fluid and get your components back to their proper operating temperature.

Components That Require Lubrication

Heavy-Duty Engine

Your heavy-duty engine requires oil at all times in order to remain at an adequate operating temperature. The oil in your engine needs to be changed far more often than any of your heavy-duty vehicle’s other components, for it gets significantly hotter. The hotter a component is, the more often its lubricant needs to be changed. Most manufacturers give a service interval anywhere from 6 to 10 thousand kilometers. 


Your transmission is a series of moving gears, meaning it, too, needs to be lubricated. Most manufacturers recommend changing your transmission fluid every 100 thousand kilometers. If you have a transmission cooler installed, this service interval may be pushed out even further. 

Transfer Case

Heavy-duty trucks with selectable drive modes have transfer cases that also need to be lubricated properly. The service interval for transfer case fluid is generally about 100 thousand kilometers. 


Every heavy-duty vehicle will have at least one differential. Differentials are a set of gears that allow for power to be distributed to your wheels. Just like the other moving components within your heavy-duty vehicle, your differential also needs proper lubrication. The service interval for differential fluid is generally about 100 thousand kilometers. 

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