Truck Tire Repair & Installation Services in Delta, BC

Heavy-duty trucks travel far distances on a regular basis and, as such, are more likely to come in contact with road debris. Anything from a metal ratchet to a rusty bolt can puncture your tire and sideline your entire delivery schedule. Fortunately for anyone struggling with a punctured tire, we here at Freeway Truck Repair fix tire damage of all kinds. Rather than replacing your tire, why not let us patch it instead? Tire patches are typically designed to last the lifespan of your tire and are nowhere near as expensive as replacement fees. Do you have a new set of tires you’d like to get installed? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you simply need a new set of tires or are looking to get a set of winter tires put on, we’ve got you covered. Schedule an appointment, and we’ll have your tires installed in no time.

Common Heavy-Duty Tire Services

Winter Tire Installation

Do you drive a heavy-duty truck through the northern American states or anywhere in Canada? If so, you’ll likely need to get winter tires installed before the snow starts falling in the late fall months. Winter tires are important because they allow for an extra level of grip at sub-zero temperatures. Traditional tires, on the other hand, are generally only rated for plus-zero temperatures and, as such, won’t provide any grip during the colder months. Here at Freeway Truck Repair, we’ll mount winter tires to your current rims in a matter of minutes! 

Puncture Patching

Punctures can be caused by anything from a metal ratchet strap to a rusty nail. Rather than throwing away the whole tire, why not get it patched? Here at Freeway Truck Repair, we’ll remove the debris that punctured your tire and patch the puncture wound. The patches we use are rated to last the lifespan of your tires and, as such, won’t have to be replaced until you replace the tire. 

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