Mobile Truck Repair Services in Delta, BC

At Freeway Truck Repair, we understand that truck drivers are subject to tight delivery schedules. Making time to visit a repair shop isn’t always possible, especially when services like preventive maintenance and alignment happen multiple times throughout the year. To make this easier for drivers in and around our repair shop, we offer mobile repair services! That’s right! Rather than you commuting all the way to and from our shop, we’ll come to you instead! Whether you need your oil and fluids changed or your tires rotated, we’ve got you covered! Our mobile services are on an appointment-only basis and are available to those within British Columbia’s lower mainland. Do keep in mind that our mobile services are only available during our regularly scheduled business hours.

Common Mobile Services

Puncture Patching

Punctures can be caused by anything from a metal ratchet strap to a rusty nail. Rather than throwing away the whole tire, why not get it patched? Here at Freeway Truck Repair, we’ll remove the debris that punctured your tire and patch the puncture wound. The patches we use are rated to last the lifespan of your tires and, as such, won’t have to be replaced until you replace the tire. 

Preventive Maintenance

Whether you need to change your engine oil or replace your windshield wipers, you can rely on us here at Freeway Truck Repair to get the job done fast and efficiently. Preventive maintenance is the ultimate way to lengthen the lifespan of your vehicle and prevent unexpected breakdowns. With our mobile services here at Freeway Truck Repair, preventive maintenance has never been so easy! We’ll have your truck running better than ever, and we’ll do the work right from the location of your choosing!

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