About Freeway Truck Repair & Tire Shop in Delta, BC

Freeway Truck Repair is a full-service heavy-duty repair shop operating out of British Columbia’s lower mainland. With a full roster of technicians and a large selection of repair and maintenance services, you can count on Freeway Truck to have your back at all times. We believe in providing high-quality services to all of our customers. Regardless of whether you need large-scale repairs or just basic preventive maintenance, you will receive the phenomenal services you and your truck deserve. 

About Us

Heavy duty repairs at Freeway Truck Repair

Freeway Truck Repair has been in the heavy-duty repair industry for nearly a decade. With hundreds of happy customers and time-tested processes, you can rest assured knowing your truck is in good hands. Our equipment is all state of the art, our technicians are all trained to the highest possible standards, and our processes couldn’t possibly be more efficient.

Our Services
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Did you know Freeway Truck Repair offers roadside assistance, mobile repairs, and heavy-duty towing services? That’s right!

Whether you’ve broken down on a job site or on the side of the highway, you can rest easy knowing our team of technicians will come to your aid. If your issue can be fixed from the roadside, we’ll patch you up and send you on your way. If not, we’ll get you towed to our shop and fix the problem in-house.

For the fleet managers out there, worry not, for we have great services for you too! Whether you want to proactively maintain your entire fleet or just want to repair a select few, we’ve got great services for you! We’ll manage your appointments and even keep track of your service intervals! How awesome is that? 
For all your heavy-duty repair and maintenance needs, Freeway Truck Repair is the place to be. No issue is too small or too big for us to fix. We’re the best in the industry. Why not join hundreds of happy customers and give us a call? 

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