Warranty Inspection Services in Delta, BC

Modern diesel trucks come with a lot of warranties, but they’re not always easy to navigate. Sometimes operators and fleet managers aren’t sure which parts are under which warranties. Fortunately, we here at Freeway Truck Repair will help you out with that! We’ll inspect your vehicle and provide you with a report as to which components need to be repaired. We’ll then look into your warranties to see which parts are covered. That way, you can get the repairs done for free right from your dealership! Our customers are and always will be our number one priority.

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Our services are time-tested and beloved by our customers. With a full roster of highly skilled mechanics and hundreds of happy customers, we don’t see how any place could be better. We believe in providing high-quality services for each and every one of our customers. Whether you drive a heavy-duty truck or manage a fleet of 40, you’ll find a home here at Freeway Truck Repair.

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