Truck Brake Repair Services in Delta, BC

Heavy-duty brakes are generally quite durable, but they, too, can suffer from wear and tear. Here at Freeway Truck Repair, we offer brake repair and maintenance services of all kinds. Whether you need simple maintenance or large repairs, you can count on us to get the job done. We work on everything from air brake systems to traditional fluid brakes. For those that aren’t aware, heavy-duty semi trucks use compressed air to squeeze your brake calipers against your rotors. In traditional passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks, fluid brakes are used instead. Compressed air is the far more effective option, as it can bring extremely heavy vehicles to a stop significantly faster. It also eliminates the risk of brake failure due to overheating brake fluid. Regardless of which system you use, you can rest assured knowing you’ll find high-quality services here at Freeway Truck Repair.

Symptoms of Bad Brakes

Screeching Sounds

When you step on your brake pedal, your brake calipers compress brake pads into your brake rotor. This compression is what brings your heavy-duty truck to a stop. Due to the extreme amount of friction and heat that builds up in your brake assembly, your brake pads will wear down over time. If you hear a screeching sound while braking, it generally means your brake pads are so worn down your brake caliper is coming into contact with your brake rotor, hence the screeching. 

Poor Braking Performance

If you notice that your brakes are not performing well, you may have a seized brake caliper or an air leak. Seized calipers fail to effectively clamp your brake pad onto your rotor, hence the poor performance. Air leaks, on the other hand, mean less compressed air is being used to activate your rotor. Both issues are quite common and are easily fixable. Call today to learn more about poor brake performance issues. 

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