Truck Suspension Repair Services in Delta, BC

Are you looking for a great heavy-duty repair shop that works on suspension systems? Whether you’ve got a modern air suspension setup or a traditional leaf spring setup, you can rest assured knowing you’ll find the services you need here at Freeway Truck Repair. In order to haul or tow anything heavy, your suspension needs to be functioning very well. If your suspension is damaged or hasn’t been maintained in a long time, you may start to have trouble hauling heavier weights. In severe cases, your suspension may even fail altogether. Here at Freeway Truck Repair, we’ll repair and maintain suspensions of all kinds. Whether you need new shock absorbers or need to patch a leak in your air lines or airbags, we’ve got you covered. Our processes are efficient and effective. Why not call today?

Symptoms of a Bad Suspension

Rough Ride

Suspensions are designed to keep your ride quality smooth so that you and your cargo are safe at all times. A rough ride is typically caused by worn-out shock absorbers and bad bushings. Fortunately, we here at Freeway Truck Repair will fix or replace both! We’ve been working on heavy-duty suspension systems for years, and we know them like the backs of our hands. Give us a call to schedule an appointment. We’ll get you in as soon as possible. 

Sagging and Squatting

If your heavy-duty truck or trailer starts to sag or squat when under a heavy load, you may have worn-out airbags. Airbags that struggle to support heavy loads that are within their hauling capacity are either damaged from dry rot or are not filled with enough air. Air leaks are actually quite common and can happen on your valves, airlines, and even your leveling rods. Don’t let malfunctioning airbags let you down. Call today!

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