Truck EGR & DPF Services in Delta, BC

How Does An EGR System Work? 

EGR systems are designed to reduce the number of nitrogen oxides produced by your heavy-duty diesel engine by lowering its combustion temperature. To do this, your EGR system recirculates part of your engine’s exhaust into an air cooler and then back into your combustion chamber. This lowers your engine’s combustion temperature, which in turn lowers the number of nitrogen oxides produced. 

Stuck EGR Valve Explained

The exhaust that’s recirculated back into your combustion chamber is managed by an EGR valve. Over time, and usually due to age, your EGR valve may get stuck open. When fully open, your EGR system is trying to funnel significantly more exhaust gas back into your combustion chamber than the chamber was designed to handle. This excess flow of exhaust drops your combustion temperature far too low and can lead to significant performance problems. You may even find that your heavy-duty truck fails to start or stalls a lot when it does. 

How Does a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Work? 

Your DPF is attached to your exhaust pipes and is used to capture carbon and other diesel particulate matter. This lessens the amount of pollution that enters our atmosphere and makes your heavy-duty vehicle more eco-friendly. 

Clogged Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Explained

The storage capacity of DPFs is not infinite, meaning they’ll run out of storage over time. When this happens, you’ll likely notice that your heavy-duty truck enters limp mode. You may also get a DPF service light coming up on your dash. Don’t fret; this doesn’t mean you have to replace your DPF altogether. We here at Freeway Truck Repair have the equipment and know-how to clean out your DPF and return its capacity to what it once was. 

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